Find out how valuable a domain or website really is, with 74 metrics!
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Are you looking to buy or sell a website or domain, but are not sure of its value?

The exact value of each depends on factors like the domain name structure, and the work invested in building the site; seen in aspects such as traffic and content.

If you want to sell your website or buy an existing one for your business, you can’t accurately assess its value just by looking at it.

You might under-rate your website and leave good money on the table.

Or you might overestimate your domain’s value and chase away prospective customers.

That’s why you need a professional website and domain appraisal by an unbiased, data-driven expert.

WIN is the master of domain and website appraisals.

WIN – WeINternetmarketers appraise your website or domain based on a whopping 74 FACTORS. That’s 74(!) different metrics we use to analyze the value of your site.

Having all these metrics gives you access to some of the richest and most accurate data you can find online.

We at WIN stake our reputation on our affordable, data-driven website and domain appraisals.

Our UNIQUE DATABASE of websites and domains can help you determine the precise market value of your digital assets.

Our highly trained team of experts analyzes all the data we discover about your website, and then creates an easy-to-digest report that gives you the most accurate picture possible about your site’s value.

We go deeper and wider than any other appraisal service in the world, as you’ll discover when you check out the narrow list of 10-20 factors that our top competitors consider.


Not only do we guarantee that our scientifically backed, data-driven reports will be as accurate as possible, we also promise that they’ll be honest.

Why is this a big deal?

Because here’s a secret less trustworthy sellers won’t tell you:

They won’t include all the data in their report just so it looks good.

Some unsavory actors in the domain and website appraisal industry will try to create fake truths by twisting the data they gather.

For instance, you may be looking for specific data to appraise your website, like the amount of traffic coming from US websites.

Some of our less-honest sellers might instead show you the general traffic amount coming from all countries and hide the exact traffic sources. What you won’t know is that US-directed traffic (which is the data you requested!) is less than 10%!

This means that the site you buy won’t actually have the traffic you need for your business to succeed…

…Or that the site you’re selling won’t have any buyers willing to purchase it for a good price!

No one likes being on the bad end of a deal, which is why accurate appraisals are so important.

If a seller says their website has good amount of quality traffic to help you make money, WIN can find out what its exact traffic sources are.

If a seller says their site has very good sales due to organic traffic from Google, WIN knows exactly which highly ranked keywords get that traffic.

Using our WIN appraisal service, you will be able to get precise, real time analytics of every detail that matters in a domain or website. And because of all that data, you’ll be able to come up with a winning strategy for making the most out of your domain!

Get accurate website valuation using 74 FACTORS with the WIN appraisal service!

Only $9.7/domain analytics (44 factors)

Number of domain(s)

Only $19.7/website analytics (74 factors)

Number of website(s)

You can also use WIN‘s custom domain analytics to evaluate the premium domains you’ve got your eye on for your PBN, and make sure that you get only the very best ones at auction.

Even better, using our analytics services also gets you more than $1000 worth of freebies for your premium PBN.

Here’s how to do it:



Every web site encounters a manual review sooner or later, and that includes the ones in your PBN. Reviewers employed by search engines do their best to uncover whether or not a real person is running a particular website, and if they find anything suspicious, they start penalizing it.

That’s why it must be your main objective to pass every review. And one of the ways you achieve that is by making your site look as aesthetically pleasing as a site that someone spent 100 hours designing.

Experts recommend including a WordPress (WP) site in your PBN for this reason: WP lets you completely customize the domain, layout, and design of your site while still utilizing the advantages the platform offers. It’s a big reason why WP is the most popular content management system out there, with 59% of the market using it.

Some people pay designers thousands of dollars to help their PBN sites pass manual reviews. Others save time and money by using free design templates, and just cross their fingers that a manual reviewer doesn’t find this fishy.

WIN gives you the best solution.

Save $1000+ with WIN’s FREE Premium Designs and Plugins!

Each package of 10 expired domains list or 10 domain appraisals immediately gets you a FREE set of 10 premium best-selling themes! We’ve curated 3000 of the most professional-looking WP themes for our collection, so that your sites look good to visitors and reviewers alike.

WIN also offers 100+ WP plugins to help you build your PBN in no time. Get plugins for spam protection, custom Contact Us pages, related posts and pages, sitemaps, social sharing, WordPress backups, SEO, auto Privacy Policy generation, and more!

With design templates that give your sites unique branding, plus plugins to make everything run smoothly, you can minimize your PBN’s footprint and keep it safe from manual reviews!

So now you’ve got your high-ranking domains and set up a PBN with fully customized WordPress sites that look good enough to pass manual reviews. What’s next?

You need to build trust with search engines pouring backlinks to your money sites. And you can do it with the right keywords.


What’s the practice that search engines hate most?

Keyword stuffing.

Pages that overuse keywords that don’t even relate to each other get flagged by Google as creating a negative user experience, which drops their ranking.

That’s why we recommend using the inner pages of your PBN sites to rank for specific KGR, LSI and long-tail keywords. These keywords are connected to your site’s niche, telling search engines that your site has value to your readers.

Plus, they help index your PBN inner pages, giving your site extra SEO juice.

That juice leaks over to your homepage, making your money site rank higher.

Serious SEOs understand the power of these keywords’ role, and can charge hundreds of dollars for their research on them.

But WIN can save you $100+

Each package of 10 expired domains list or 10 domain appraisals immediately gets you a premium SEO keywords research package. All you have to do is give us 10 seed keywords, and we’ll generate 100+ exact search keywords using our sophisticated analytics tools and techniques.

Then, we’ll compile this data into an easy-to-digest report.

Some of the valuable gems of data you can expect in these reports include:

  • Seed keywords
  • Keyword
  • Buyer intent
  • Group
  • Volume
  • CPC ($)
  • Comp
  • Value ($) = Volume x CPC ($)
  • Keyword Power
  • On Page Difficulty – 0 to 100. The lower the better
  • Off Page Difficulty – 0 to 100. The lower the better
  • CTR – Click-Through Rate
  • Ads Listings – at the top results for this keyword
  • Product Listings – at the top results for this keyword
  • Video Listings – at the top results for this keyword
  • Image Listings – at the top results for this keyword

The best bit? There is no limit for topping up on domain appraisals!

We all know that building a PBN takes time. With WIN, you can build your network at your own speed and use our domain appraisal services whenever you want.

You can take it easy, or you can go into overdrive and get results quick. Our validation date is a full 6 months after your last payment, long enough to give you full control over your pace!

And did we mention our rates are VERY competitive?

All you need to get accurate, honest reports based on 74 factors is:

Only $9.7/domain analytics (44 factors)

Number of domain(s)

Only $19.7/website analytics (74 factors)

Number of website(s)

AND you’ll get your reports within just 3 business days, to boot!


General metrics

Domain extension
Site content language
Domain name
Google Index
Birth year
Social signals

Authority metrics

Spam Score (SC)
Most spam linking domains
Most spam linking domains
Most authority linking domains
Most authority linking domains
Anchor text
Moz PA
Moz DA
Moz Ref domains
Moz links
Moz Follow links
Moz NoFollow links
Majestic Ref. Domains
Majestic Links
Majestic IPs
Majestic Subnets
Majestic CF
Majestic TF

Backlink list details – up to 50,000 backlinks per domain with metrics as below:

Backlink url
Anchor Text
Spam Score
Linking Domains to Page
Target URL
Link Type
Link State
Date First Seen
Date Last Seen
Date Lost
Links to Page
Outbound Domains from Page
Outbound Links from Page


All metrics of Domain analytics.

And a typical report of traffic sources for a site with over 1,000 monthly visits will contain data like Rank, Audience, Country, Direct, Mail, Organic Search, Top Keywords, AD, Referring, Top Referring, Social and Top Socials. For example:


  • Global rank: 86
  • Country rank: 77, United States
  • Category rank: 2, Computers_Electronics_and_Technology/Consumer Electronics


  • Visits: 376,922,608
  • Time on site avg: 00:03:41
  • Page views avg: 3.4
  • Bounce rate: 54.09%


  • United States – 131,433,598 – 34.87%
  • China – 26,475,609- 7.02%
  • Japan – 20,729,020 – 5.5%
  • United Kingdom – 17,514,136 – 4.65%
  • Canada – 14,755,496 – 3.91%
  • Other – 166,034,408 – 44.05%


  • 121,299,663 – 32.18%


  • 5,309,772 – 1.41%


  • 188,026,938 – 49.88%

Top keywords

  • apple – 12,992,661 – 6.91%
  • iTunes – 10,924,365 – 5.81%
  • apple id – 3064839 – 1.63%
  • apple store – 2,839,206 – 1.51%
  • apple tv – 2,688,785 – 1.43


  • 9,604,907 – 2.55%

Top keywords

  • apple – 379,393 – 3.95%
  • apple store – 63,392 – 0.66%
  • iPhone – 45,143 – 0.47%
  • iPad – 42,261 – 0.44%
  • apple tv- 36,498 – 0.38%


  • 35,313,539 – 9.37%


  • – 3,826,926 – 10.84%
  • – 2,588,611 – 7.33%
  • – 1,665,879 – 4.72%
  • – 591,031 – 1.67%
  • – 553,479 – 1.57%


  • 15,837,639 – 4.2%


  • YouTube – 5,994,546 – 37.85%
  • Facebook – 2,798,510 – 17.67%
  • Twitter – 2,516,600 – 15.89%
  • Reddit – 1,770,648 – 11.18%
  • LinkedIn – 920,166 – 5.81%
Ranked keywords details in 2 reports:
General organic ranked keywords & traffic:

Organic ranked keywords& traffic
Estimated traffic volume
Impressions estimated traffic volume
Estimated organic traffic cost
Paid keywords
Estimated paid traffic volume
Estimated Impressions paid traffic volume
Estimated paid traffic cost

Detailed organic ranked keywords & traffic:

Number of words
Search volume
Keyword in title
Keyword in description
Estimated traffic volume
Estimated impressions traffic volume
Estimated organic traffic cost

Make sure you know what your website is really worth, so you can get the fairest price possible.

Get your money’s worth by having WIN appraise it, and start winning today!