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Make money writing with WIN!

Making money as a writer is THE dream for a lot of people.

You’ve got something valuable to share with the rest of the world, and getting paid to write about it can feel absolutely validating.

Plus, you get full control over your writing schedule. You get to live life on your own terms.

It’s a great fantasy to have, and one that’s a lot easier to achieve than most. (In fact, we can make it even easier! Keep reading to find out how.)

But here’s the big problem with writing:

Making a living as a writer can be TOUGH.

If you’re starting from scratch, your blog’s Page Rank will usually be ZERO. Your Domain Rank will likely also be ZERO. That means the traffic search engines drive to your site will be…

You guessed it: ZERO.

And the hustle to boost your rankings and traffic takes up a LOT of time. It could take months, even years to get your site a strong following.

That’s months and years where your site isn’t earning.


But WIN – WeINternetmarketers can help you with a shortcut for that. And we promise that the solutions make so much sense, you’ll wonder why everyone else doesn’t do it!

WIN can help you keep earning for years with your writing in three WINNING ways.

Succeed as a blogger with passive monthly payments from clients with WIN’s FREE tools!

The first method is for you to create a niche site in a field that you are knowledgeable about so that you can share your wealth of experience with the world. To do so, you may choose to register a new domain.

This could be very tedious for you because you have to contend with zero traffic and zero rankings from the beginning. You’ll have to post lots of new content and accumulate lots of high value backlinks before you can see any tangible results.

You basically start your SEO game from zero.

Earning from your blog depends entirely on how many people read it. More readers, more money.

And you can increase your readership with these FREE solutions, courtesy of WIN!

Here’s how each one can make your blog a winner:


It’s all about traffic.

Your site’s success—and your earning potential as a writer—depends entirely on how many people get to read your work.

Traffic determines your ad revenue, the clicks you get, and how much clients will pay to have you make their content.

You need to make sure that your work doesn’t just put your thoughts and expertise into words. You need to get eyeballs on them as well. And that’s where SEO copywriting comes in.

With strong on-page SEO, your content gets better page ranking on search engines, which means it ends up being listed earlier on search page results—which directly translates to more traffic. But it can also be a hassle.

You’ll need to keep track of a dozen things at once: keywords, LSI keywords, keyword placement, keyword density, URL structure, meta descriptions, etc.

It can get downright confusing.

Our FREE SEO copywriting tool takes most of the guesswork out of the equation by highlighting your keywords and giving you access to key metrics while you write.

You’ll see your keywords highlighted in different colors so you can immediately see how often they’re used, and if your LSI keywords are surrounding your main keywords with optimized placements.

You’ll get instant access to analytics like keyword density and searches per keyword.

You’ll even see spam trigger words highlighted in your email content, so that you can immediately remove them and maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Content is king, and WIN’s FREE SEO copywriting tool hands your content the crown.

Even better, it polishes the crown, too.

Because it isn’t just your words that matter—it’s how your content looks, too.

While good SEO draws in traffic at first, it’s your personal branding that makes readers keep coming back (which improves your SEO even more!).

To make sure that the traffic you get is the kind that regularly visits your site, you need to put your personality, professionalism, and expertise on display—and you can do that efficiently and effectively with FREE templates from WIN.

You’ll be able to give your content the polish it deserves as a king with beautiful designs and layouts that grab readers’ attention and tells them that your work is authoritative, professional, and trustworthy.

It allows you to stand out from the competition and tell readers that your content is worth keeping an eye on.

Even better, you’ll also be able generate PDFs of your content with detailed metrics on your SEO and colorized keywords. This creates an instant report that you can use to analyze your work, as well as to show potential clients the value of your content.

Draw in more traffic…

Get instant access to crucial data…

Create a beautiful-looking site…

And WIN more writing jobs with WIN!


Expiring and expired domains have powerful backlinks and SEO metrics in place making them easier to rank. With a high-quality domain, your site’s SEO won’t be starting from scratch.

In fact, a good domain can give you immediate impact and get traffic flowing into your site sooner.

At WIN, we have in-depth, hidden metrics that we use to analyze expired or expiring domains. We can then tell you which ones have high value and authority for your specific blog’s niche.

Get a good domain, and you kick-start your site’s success!


When you already have a high authority domain and you’re posting highly informative content, you can now start selling your blog posts by listing your site for FREE on WIN.

Because WIN is one of the leading internet marketing and business platforms in the world, we get a LOT of people visiting our platform each day.

You’ll receive tons of traffic from our site going to your posts, ultimately leading to higher ranking and more conversions.

And here’s a HUGE bonus to getting listed:

When we list your site on WIN, we perform a deep-diving analysis that lists all facts and figures about your page. If prospective customers like what they see, they’ll start pitching for backlinks on your site instantly. The best part of this? It’s PASSIVE MONTHLY INCOME for your hard-working, authority-building site!


We want to make sure that you get as much help with your SEO as possible.

So, whenever you make a new post on your blog, we will index that new post for you immediately so that it can appear on search results. And we do it for FREE.

This helps your site earn more money in two ways:
  • Getting indexed for search results drives more organic traffic to your site, and
  • You can sell premium backlinks on the already-indexed posts!

With these two additional streams for success, you’ll be making bank sooner than you think!

Most platforms sell brand new backlinks on non-indexed posts. These are typically of low value because it takes some time before the posts are indexed by Google.

This means it also takes them a while to rank on search engines.

Which means lower traffic early on.

With premium backlinks on indexed posts, customers are guaranteed of instant value and so they can pay top dollar.

And since backlinks on your site can go on posts that are already indexed, you can charge top dollar for them!

Doing all this for FREE achieves one MAJOR accomplishment:


As a writer, you get:
  • High authority domains for your niche sites
  • FREE listing and deep analysis of your site metrics
  • FREE indexing for all your posts

…All of which increase the earning potential of your site significantly.

And that’s just one of the ways WIN can help you earn more from your writing.

There’s two more.

Get monthly income as a WIN in-house writer!

WIN is fast emerging as the go-to hub for rich internet marketing and business information.

Our growing market means that the demand for quality content on our site also keeps growing.

That means we’re always looking for talented writers who can contribute authoritative and engaging business and marketing content on a regular basis.

Write for WIN, and you can earn great monthly income as one of our writers or editors!

As an in-house writer or editor, you’ll be part of the team of experts in charge of all our content. Although we are prioritizing internet marketing content at the moment, our audience is always hungry for unique, insightful business content.

Yes, that means our ENORMOUS audience wants to hear what YOU have to say!

If you are an expert in any area of business knowledge, feel free to pitch us your content suggestions.

Write regularly for WIN, and you’ll get an additional income stream that doesn’t just pay regularly, but it also validates your business savvy!

And remember, there’s one more way WIN helps writers earn more!

Earn BIG through guest posts on WIN!

There are thousands of talented writers online, but very few actually earn the amount of money they deserve.

It’s a hard truth about writing.

But here’s another truth:

The only reason some very skilled writers don’t make it to the big time is that they don’t have a large enough platform for their work.

It’s that simple.

Traffic is directly proportional to the income you stand to make as a writer or blogger.

Without a high-traffic, high-authority platform, the only people who’ll get to read your brilliant words are your friends, a handful of your acquaintances on Facebook, and maybe a random stranger or two.

But your writing deserves a larger audience.

More people should be reading all about your thoughts on internet marketing and business.

WIN is offering you a HUGE, unique platform as one of our guest post authors!

Connect with a wider audience.

Showcase your writing abilities and expert opinions.

And best of all, earn tons of high-quality traffic on your social profile.

Small business entrepreneurs and internet marketers flock to WIN in droves, looking for valuable gems and tons of FREE perks.

You can reach this strategic group of readers with your expert business and internet marketing content by guest posting with us.

The content you post on our platform will have an author byline, where you can sell yourself along with a link to your social profile.

Imagine the immense traffic WIN can redirect to your social profile!

Because you’ll get full credit for your guest post, you’ll be recognized by businesses and consumers as an expert in your niche.

Your knowledge and wisdom in internet marketing and business will immediately reach tens of thousands of readers, blowing up to even more after!

Those eyeballs on your words will earn you even more recognition and respect in your industry.

And here’s something you should know: The data supports all this.

Recent studies show that a whopping 88% of B2B marketers are investing top dollar in content marketing.

This means that posting on WIN could have people paying big bucks for your content!

But it doesn’t stop at just the post itself.

In fact, we can make you even more visible to marketers looking to buy your content.

We award badges and greater citations to our best writers.

We also generate direct links that take users straight from your guest post to your personal profile.

And because we are masters of internet marketing and search engine optimization, we can make your article rank higher in search results…

…As long as you follow our winning guidelines to the letter.

We’ll supply you with suggested keywords, SEO guides, and data-rich research that lets you produce high-quality, informative internet marketing content to our readers.

What this all means is that you won’t have to worry about generating traffic to your profile anymore…

…Because WIN will offer you a long-term, robust, and sustainable traffic source.

In fact, you won’t even have to worry about being 100% perfect with your writing. Our team of editors will the make necessary tweaks to ensure that your content meets the mark.

We’ll get your grammar and punctuations in order.

We’ll make sure your spelling is flawless.

We’ll even give you attention-grabbing headlines.

And since you retain the copyright to your work, you’re free to republish your guest post on your own site!

All we ask is that you publish it on our site first, and that you cite and you link to the original post on WIN.

And there you have it. Three ways you can earn MAJOR money for your writing.

But here’s the part always piques writers’ interests:

We offer these incredible services FREE of charge.


Because we believe in helping people make their fortunes online. We want the same thing for ourselves.

And in a community like ours, the fastest way for anyone to achieve their dreams is if we all help each other out.

By helping you win, we inch closer towards our own lofty goals.

Which is why we also want to you give some expert advice right now.

We want to give you tips on how to write articles that can give readers:

  • VALUABLE how-to information to learn from,
  • PRACTICAL advice to digest, and
  • ACTIONABLE tips to implement.

We demand the highest standards for our content, after all, so you should know the secrets to being a successful writer with WIN.

We’re looking for 100% unique, original, winning content that delivers information with an authoritative tone and an objective viewpoint, because this is the kind of work that connects with our business-minded audience best.

So, here are three guidelines you can follow to make sure your content gets read and shared by hundreds of thousands of readers:

Post length should be 800-1200 words.

Readers have shorter attention spans online, so make sure you say everything you need to say before they lose their focus.

Use images, graphs, and charts to drive your point further home.

Data-rich visuals help keep things interesting, and make everything easier to digest.

Avoid including any paid links or sponsored labels in your content.

Readers don’t like content that tries too hard to sell them something. They want articles that share valuable information.

If you can follow these easy guidelines, you’re all set to make guest posts on WIN and start earning!

To submit your guest posts, simply create a ticket on our Support tab with the subject: Guest post.

Include the title of your post on the subject box and submit your content in a Microsoft Word file, along with any images you use.

Allow our team ample time to review your post and get back to you.

It’s really that easy to start winning with your writing!

If your articles are turned down, all you need to do is make sure you meet the requirements outlined above and try again.

And remember, you can do all of this for FREE.

We offer writers these options at ZERO cost because we want to help people like you make their fortunes online. Our website is the perfect platform to get you started on that path.

At the same time, most people who visit our website are internet marketers and entrepreneurs seeking information that helps them with their businesses.

And that information can come from articles that help you earn more money.

By helping you, we help everyone else, too!

And because we’re able to help you earn from your writing…

…while helping other internet marketers and entrepreneurs earn more from their businesses through your content…

We win, just because we got more people supporting each other.

Everybody Wins At WIN!

At the end of day, isn’t that what everybody wants? To find our own success, while helping others achieve theirs.

You can play a valuable role in a community that wants to make their dreams happen online.

A community that wants to live life on their own terms, earning good money from doing what they love.

A community that understands that the fastest way to the top is by helping each other win.

And it all starts with FREE services from WIN.

Start living the dream by earning from your writing.

And start winning with WIN’s FREE tools today!