Chasing ORGANIC traffic with the hidden 70% of Google keywords and ALL secret Amazon backend Search Magnets
Buyer intent – KGR keywords list
100 countries and 37 languages with 25 metrics included in each keyword

Product keyword research feels like mining with nothing but your hands. You dig through data for hours upon hours, working yourself to the bone until you finally strike gold.

You’ll get a nugget of gold every now and then, but it’ll take FOREVER before you hit the motherlode—and by that, we mean the hidden keywords that could bring you massive profits.

We all know that the almighty Google is the leader among general search engines, which is why SEOs scrape it for hours, looking for those gold nuggets. Few people realize, however, that when it comes to product search engines, Amazon is actually the world’s most powerful.

Around 54% of all product searches are done on Amazon, and with more and more people shopping online, that number is projected to grow even bigger. On top of that, most searches done on the platform are made with buyer-intent keywords.

Think about it: No one really searches through Amazon just to idly browse, right? People who search on the platform typically already know what they want, and they’re ready to SPEND.

To make the most out of your SEO endeavors, you need to optimize for general searches on Google AND for product searches on Amazon.

But neither of these search engine superpowers are letting you discover their most powerful keywords.

Most keyword research tools out there can only scrape for 30% of all profitable keywords from Google because Google hides the rest—and all their metrics!—from the public. Amazon is even worse; they don’t let you know a single one.

And the result of all this is:

– 70% of keywords and all metrics are kept secret by Google.

– 95% of Amazon vendors don’t optimize their stores for even simple product keywords. This also happens to vendors that don’t sell well on other top e-commerce platforms, like eBay and AliExpress.

But WIN has the keys to a massive data digging tool that excavates the hidden 70% of Google keywords!

On top of all this, we go through EVERY category at Amazon and identify the huge numbers of secret Amazon backend Search Magnets buyers are using, and we’re creating a data-rich Amazon product keyword dictionary. You’ll be able to find:

– All the hidden keywords in every category and subcategory on the platform!

– All the Search Magnets (or backend keywords) that all other vendors are using to boost discoverability for their stores.

And we mean ALL of them.

You can download Amazon category list and a sample here , if you want a sneak peek at one of our reports and its analytics.

You also can request the analytics of all keywords in any Amazon category, or any keyword outside Amazon you don’t find on our list. Just comment on this post with the product’s name, seed keywords, or even its product category, and we’ll find analytics of relevant and profitable keywords for it.

WIN is making things easier for SEOs and IMers by doing all the hard work and building a massive product keyword database. We’re digging deep into the data goldmine and letting you pick which pieces of gold you want to keep.

Here’s what you can get with all this data service:


We’ve mined BILLIONS of lines of data on all the underused, underappreciated, easy-to-rank, profitable product keywords that make up the hidden 70% on Google, and ALL the keywords Amazon hides from you.

Give us your seed keywords along with words you want us to include and exclude, and we’ll find ALL hidden:

– No-branding related keywords that have monthly exact searches over 100.

– All Google ranking metrics

– Allintitle, KGR, a list of world leading e-commerce sites or custom sites that optimized well for each keyword, together with their links

If you you don’t find your target platforms on our list, that means you have very good chance at getting huge organic traffic by optimizing your store with specific keywords on those platforms.

A low Allintitle metric also gives you a clue that a specific keyword is NOT optimized well—which means you can rank for it very easily AT ANY E-COMMERCE PLATFORM.

The numbers of hidden keywords will vary upon your seed keywords. Depending on the seed keyword, we’ll find as many as 10,000+ hidden keywords! Just note that some seed keywords might yield fewer than 1,000 hidden keywords, but these are still HUNDREDS of valuable keywords up for grabs.

Get ready to enjoy exploring keyword treasures you’ve never even thought of.

GOOGLE Basic metrics:

  • Keyword
  • Word count
  • Buyer intent (Buy Now keyword, Product Research keyword, Information keyword)
  • People also ask
  • People also search
  • Related searches
  • Group
  • Volume
  • CPC ($)
  • Comp
  • Value ($) = Volume x CPC ($)
  • Keyword Power
  • On Page Difficulty – 0 to 100. The lower the better
  • Off Page Difficulty – 0 to 100. The lower the better
  • CTR – Click-Through Rate
  • Ads Listings – at the top results for this keyword
  • Product Listings – at the top results for this keyword
  • Video Listings – at the top results for this keyword
  • Image Listings – at the top results for this keyword
  • Ads

Google KGR metrics

  • Allintitle
  • KGR
  • Leading sites

STOP scraping for product keywords…
DISCOVER hidden profitable keywords…

Up to 1,000 keywords with Google basic – Google KGR metrics


Amazon Search Magnets are a combination of words (up to 249 bytes long) you can input in the “Search Terms” field of your product via Amazon Seller Central. Other sites refer to these as “Amazon backend keywords” or “backend search terms”, but those labels are too simplistic and general. When utilized correctly, they’re powerful invisible forces that pull customers to your product—just like magnets.

They aren’t visible to users, but have a tremendous influence on your product’s visibility. Mastering these along with frontend optimization in the title and description section can help your listing work its way towards the top rank organically and efficiently.

Search Magnets are powerful because they communicate with Amazon’s own search algorithm to determine how relevant your product is to a customer’s search query. They typically contain words that narrow down the number of valid results based on specific details.

For example, your product might be optimized for “kids shoes”, but a search query like that will bring up hundreds of thousands of competitors and copycats. But if your product has additional, detail-specific keywords like “kids shoes light-up” in its Search Terms field, this Search Magnet will tell Amazon that your product is relevant to the market looking for light-up kid’s shoes, specifically, which in turn boosts your ranking while making your competition smaller!

And because all these Search Magnets stay invisible to the public, your competitors can’t even try to steal your strategy!

All you need to do to harness the power of Amazon Search Magnets is give us the Amazon subcategory (choose from our list) that your products belong to. We’ll send you a report of ALL the Search Magnets that all other vendors are using to boost discoverability for their stores. And because these phrases are invisible to the public, you’d be amazed how variable they are!

We also offer up to 100 unique Suggested Phrases that cover all possible keywords and Search Magnets, but in order to use them properly, you need to avoid repetition and strictly follow Amazon’s rules of product listing. We have prepared this for you and all you need is copy paste them into your store’s optimization.

In a single package, you’ll get up to 5,000 words of attention-grabbing phrases that are well optimized for your products in a specific category. This is a huge treasure that costs you thousands of bucks if you hire a super-talented writer to create, not mention that the content is created through subjective human perception of the writer who may or may not know your product’s details very well.

– Up to 500 Search Magnets for each subcategory:

  • 2-word Search Magnets list
  • 3-word Search Magnets list
  • 4-word Search Magnets list
  • 5-word Search Magnets list
  • 6-word Search Magnets list
  • 7-word Search Magnets list
  • 8-word Search Magnets list
  • 9-word Search Magnets list
  • 10-word Search Magnets list

– Up to 100 Suggested Phrases for each subcategory.

– If you also use Keyword Mining, in this Amazon Search Magnets report we will add as many keywords as possible to Suggested Phrases and calculate the volume for each phrase, which keywords in the list are optimized in our Suggested Phrases and which are not.

Start WINNING at Amazon with WIN!
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With our Amazon Search Magnets Special Rewards program, you’ll also get an extra $200 credit for every additional $400 you spend! Credit you can spend on buying any of WIN‘s services for your Internet Marketing empire.

Number of subcategories


By using buyer-intent keywords, you basically jump the line in front of everyone who helped the buyer get this far. Your campaign reaches the buyer at the exact time they want to make a purchase, effectively leading to more conversions.

But there’s a catch to this strategy:

You used to be able to find buyer-intent keyword metrics on Google Analytics for FREE. Now you have to PAY for Google AdWords to get them.

It’s like we already had the gold in our hands, but Google didn’t just stop at taking it back from us. Now they want us to pay them for something we used to get at no cost but our effort!

Our enormous database has billions of these golden keywords in around 100 countries and 37 languages. And because we miss the good old days, we’ve decided to offer these to you for FREE.

Just comment on this post with your request, and we’ll give you 1,000 credits to use on our platform. Each credit is good for data on 1 keyword, meaning you’re getting the details of 1,000 keywords for FREE.

All you need to do after receiving your credits is use any free keyword tool out there (such as Google keyword planner) to get your keywords. Enter them into the Request Box on your WIN Account Dashboard, and we’ll send you back a report of all the following Google Basic metrics.

It’s as easy as cake.

Now that you’ve got your keyword data, what’s the best way to leverage it? By deploying the right ones to generate as much traffic as you can from Google and other platforms.

4. ORGANIC TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE – low KGR & low Allintitle & no authority e-commerce sites

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is one of the hottest metrics out there. Keywords with a low KGR can be ranked in the Top 50 results within a single day!

Combine low KGR and low Allintitle with the metrics below, and you’ll know exactly which keywords should go into your list:

1. Google Top 10

  • Leading sites on Top 10
  • Most used 2 words – count
  • Most used 3 words – count

2. Google KGR

  • Allintitle
  • KGR
  • World leading sites that optimize each keyword

The KGR and Allintitle strategy works best when you’re competing against e-commerce sites with low or no authority. Bigger sites like Amazon, however, will beat you with the brute force of their tremendous authority.

So you can definitely get good traffic from low KGR and easy keywords, but what happens when you need to optimize for medium and hard keywords? How can you compete against high authority platforms like Amazon, which already get the lion’s share of traffic?

The answer: You don’t.

Instead of competing against these giants and losing, you can actually join them by optimizing your store on their platform!

5. (EVEN MORE) ORGANIC TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE – low Allintitle & Top 10 with authority e-commerce sites

Did you know you can use Amazon’s authority to boost your own? Optimize for keywords on your Amazon store, and your own site will benefit from their authority!

Optimizing for Amazon lets you tap into their enormous market and direct insane amounts of high-conversion rate traffic to your products!

If you can optimize for a specific product keyword on Amazon, you’ve already got a customer ready to convert. AND you’ll have beaten out the 95% of your competition that don’t optimize on Amazon in getting to the customer first! And remember, optimizing for Amazon lets you piggyback on its high authority, which also improves your Google SEO in the process.

Why start from scratch when you can already take advantage of all the hard work Amazon and other high authority platforms have done for you?

Need to know which product keywords to use? WIN can help you with that with our Amazon product keyword dictionary!

AND this also includes the hidden 70% on that you won’t find on Google by using other keyword tools and scrapers!


We’ll say it again, because it’s a fact that you NEED to take advantage of: 95% of Amazon vendors don’t optimize for the platform.

For Amazon advertising, you can conquer the whole page using keywords with ZERO serious competitors at remarkably low prices! You could pay as low as $0.01 for clicks in Amazon PPC, using the secret “black sheep” keywords from our database.

For Amazon SEO, besides optimizing for organic search, you can also develop techniques based on what your competitors are doing!

But we get it—not everyone uses Amazon. Even if a majority 54% of all product searches are made on their platform…

…A huge 46% is still using others.

That’s why we’ve included the top e-commerce platforms from around the world in our database, too! Optimizing for these sites with all the secret keywords will help you conquer your niche in the biggest markets on the internet.

Here’s the list of e-commerce platforms you can learn and get huge organic traffic:

3. Amazon optimization

4. Ebay optimization

5. Walmart optimization

6. Target optimization

7. Wish optimization

8. Etsy optimization

With the data you can get from these sites, you’ll also be able to strategize for the Top 10 e-commerce sites in your niche. It’s like the biggest industry leaders are teaching you how to beat your competition!

Our vast WIN network helps you develop high-converting content by referring you of the best optimized pages related to your product. You can learn what about that content works, and then adapt it for your own store.

Analyze the attention-grabbing phrases they use in their product copy, then implement them on your OnPage and Offpage SEO!

Suddenly, you’re saving a ton of money on content creation!

But why limit your traffic sources to just Google and e-commerce platforms? Why not tap a platform that is severely underutilized by internet marketers—making competition on that platform extremely low?

Why not also optimize on Quora?


One of the most highly recommended ways to do that is find suppliers and manufacturers that can RELIABLY deliver you products at the LOWEST possible costs.

The surest way to do that is through English-speaking suppliers and Chinese manufacturers. This allows you to transact more smoothly and at favorable prices.

So what if we told you that our product keyword database ALSO includes info on which suppliers and manufacturers offer products in your niche?

Evaluate prices from the 7 biggest drop-shipping platforms that use English: DealeXtreme, Bangood, Alibaba, AliExpress, Made-In-China, Light In The Box, China Brand and find the most cost-effective supplier for your business!

Find these suppliers and manufacturers on our database right now!

9. ChinaBrand suppliers

10. AliExpress suppliers

11. Alibaba suppliers

12. Light In The Box suppliers

13. Bangood suppliers

14. Made-in-China suppliers

15. DealeXtreme suppliers

16. 1688 suppliers

17. Taobao suppliers

18. Tmall suppliers

19. suppliers

The best part of all this? We update our MASSIVE database daily!

That’s BILLIONS of lines data, from 100+ countries and in 37 languages, with hundreds of thousands more added every day!

And if you ever need a platform added—e-commerce, supplier, or manufacturer—let us know, and we’ll see what we can do to add it into the database.

You can get all the info you need, organized into 2 easy-to-understand reports! The first report will include all the Google basic metrics and other metrics you choose for your keywords, and the second will include optimization data and info on your chosen e-commerce platforms, suppliers, and manufacturers.

For each keyword, we’ll also throw in the following info, which you can use for content generation:

  • Keyword
  • Link
  • Title
  • Description

Now, you know exactly how WIN can help make your job as an IM a lot easier.

You don’t have to work all day and all night, scraping for little nuggets of gold. Let WIN be your diesel-powered product keyword data excavator, and hit the motherlode!

AND we’ll keep on adding data to it!

So what are you waiting for?


1. Keyword Mining

– Price: Only $49 for the first 1000 keywords pack generated from your seed keywords or from our current lists by Amazon subcategory. For keyword lists with more than 1000 keywords, we charge an extra $49/1000 keywords pack. We will inform you in advance about the rough total number of keywords generated, and will export your list to your WIN Account Dashboard after payment is made.

2. Secret Amazon Search Magnets

– Price: $100/subcategory – BUT we’re offering a limited-time discount for BHW members: 51% off! That brings it down to just $49/subcategory. Grab the discount before it’s gone by commenting in this post . We’ll send you a discount link after processing your comment.

3. Google Basic metrics

– Price: FREE 1000 keywords. Just comment on this post with your request, and we’ll give you 1,000 credits to use on our platform.

4. 20 advanced metrics

– Price: Only $0.079/keyword/site. Pay as you go! Top up your WIN account credit, and then use them whenever you need to at your WIN Account Dashboard. Account credits have a validity period of 1 month.

Time of delivery:
2 business days

Contact Details:
We’ll be happy to accommodate any requests via our Support Ticket system at You could also contact me, personally, at

Refund policy:
All sales are final and non-refundable as soon as payments are completed.

STOP scraping for product keywords…
DISCOVER hidden profitable keywords…

Up to 1,000 keywords with Google basic – Google KGR metrics

Start WINNING at Amazon with WIN!
Get the MOTHERLODE of golden keyword data today!

With our Amazon Search Magnets Special Rewards program, you’ll also get an extra $200 credit for every additional $400 you spend! Credit you can spend on buying any of WIN‘s services for your Internet Marketing empire.

Number of subcategories

OPTIMIZE for all the top e-commerce platforms…
FIND products in your niche at the top suppliers and manufacturers…