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Why Is SEO Copywriting Important?

It’s no secret that, to rank in Google, awesome content is KEY. That said, just pumping out high-quality content isn’t enough.

For your content to rank, it also needs legit search engine optimization. Basically:

Amazing content + solid on-page SEO = SEO copywriting

Your content might bring amazing value to your readers…

…But it’s your on-page SEO skills that determine whether or not you get enough readers in the first place.

If the internet were a bookstore, good on-page SEO is like the Bestsellers display right smack in the middle of everything, complete with signs and banners telling everyone, “LOOK HERE.”

Poor on-page SEO, on the other hand, is that dark shelf in the back room that smells a little like mold. You might find a hidden gem in there, but no one ever goes that deep into the bookstore to begin with.

If you want quality traffic, you need to stop hiding your content in the back room and move it under the bright lights of the central display.

You need to stop being a “hidden” gem and start being a bestseller.

WIN’s FREE SEO writing tool can help you out with that, whether you’re an employer hiring writers or a writer yourself.

How WIN’s FREE SEO copywriting tool helps EMPLOYERS

1. You get to keep writers with potential

When you’re an employer, you know that not all writers are created equal—especially when it comes to SEO copywriting.

Some writers might have the best ideas in the world, but their SEO skills could use serious work. Sometimes, however, you can’t wait for them to get better at SEO.

So you end up not hiring them. Which means you miss out on an incredibly talented writer.

With our SEO copywriting tool, however, you can make the SEO learning curve a little easier for them, so you can hire that writer who’s oozing with potential while they get better at SEO.

2. Content review is a LOT easier

Our tool generates a PDF report of your writer’s work, with colorized text and detailed graphs that make its analytics easy to digest.

With the analytics readily available in these reports, you can immediately spot key areas for improvement, while at the same time guaranteeing your site’s SEO is at the top of its game.

3. You can rest easy knowing you’ve got top-notch on-page SEO in your content

Our tools are data-driven and scientifically backed, developed with all the current best practices for SEO in mind.

And we say “current”, we mean it. Every tool and service we offer is regularly updated based on the most recent available data and SEO practices.

So if your writers use our SEO copywriting tool, you can be confident that they’ve got help applying the very best practices for SEO to date.

How WIN’s FREE SEO copywriting tool helps WRITERS

1. Boost your writing career with templates that push your PERSONAL BRAND forward

Here’s a secret that most SEO experts won’t tell you:

Good SEO copywriting isn’t just about the words on your website.

It’s also about YOU.

Your copy will bring readers to your site, but it’s your PERSONAL BRAND that makes them keep coming back.

At the end of the day, people are interested in people, not words. Two writers can say the exact same thing, but the one with a better personal brand will get more followers.

And while a lot of your personal branding can be communicated in your copy…

…It also really shines through in how your site looks.

WIN offers a wide selection of FREE templates that help you make YOUR NAME stand out from the competition. You can put your personality, your professionalism, and your expertise on full display.

And when you get all that traffic that keeps coming back to your site, your page ranking just keeps getting better.

2. WIN new customers with visually-attractive samples

It isn’t just your readers who get drawn to good-looking sites—paying clients also pay attention.

People are more likely to hire writers whose writing samples look dynamic and professional.

And you might not know this, but the way your text is laid out also affects how clients will see your work.

With the help of WIN’s informative presentation, you can seal the deal with potential clients efficiently, because you’ll have their confidence with just one look at your sample.

So don’t send them a wall of dull, boring, PLAIN text like this:

Send them a visually dynamic, attention-grabbing, confidence-boosting sample instead!

WIN offers hundreds of FREE templates in tried-and-tested color palettes, so you can find the one that best matches your unique style.

You’ll find every aesthetically pleasing color combination under the sun, with designs that frame your text in a way that makes it look fresh, bold, professional, and beautiful.

If you need a specific design that fits your character or writing style, don’t be shy to ask for one and send us a sample image! All you have to do is open a Support Ticket with the subject “Custom Design” under the “Order Processing” tab to get started. Our team will coordinate with you and put together a template that matches your every specification!


3. Maximize your keywords used in URL, title, and meta description

WIN colorizes all your keywords if they are optimized in your site’s URL, title, and meta description, and calculates the total monthly exact searches those keywords are optimized for.

Making sure your keywords are optimized in these areas helps improve your site’s performance in a crucial Google ranking signal: organic click-through-rate (CTR). And a higher CTR usually results in higher rankings.

4. Check LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords’ proper position surrounding main keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing is a natural-language processing technique; in a nutshell, it examines how different keywords work together to mean the same thing. Combined with your main keyword, it creates a much stronger signal for search engines to pick up on.

Think of your main keyword as a sign telling search engines that what they’re looking for is on your site.

LSI keywords are flashing neon arrows pointing straight at your main keyword.

So including LSI keywords around the main keywords tells search engines that your website contains information that is relevant to a specific search query, and assures them that your website carries natural, high quality content.

But using dozens of keywords of different kinds makes it difficult to spot which ones should surround others. It can get downright confusing.

But WIN has an easy solution for that. Our SEO copywriting tool colorizes your keyword in real time to help you visualize everything as you write.

5. Easily analyze keyword density

Keyword density is a foundational aspect of on-page SEO. When used correctly, it can help attract search engines and boost a page’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

But when ignored, it can keep a page from ranking. Or worse…

It could result in a search penalty, removing it from SERPs altogether.

WIN lets you set your target keyword density, and then check if your work hits the target while you write.

Our tool calculates the total monthly exact searches those keywords are optimized for within your content body, and then shows you the data in an easy-to-understand table:

Another bonus to this feature is that you can make your copy sound more natural while still keeping your SEO game strong.

That’s because seeing your keyword density this easily lets you see which keywords are overstuffed. When the density of one keyword is too high, the content looks like it was written by a robot. And that lowers your SEO rank.

You can improve your readability AND your SEO by trimming down on these keywords and replacing them with other long-tail keywords that help you rank higher!

6. Calculate article ranking value

Those long-tail keywords we just mentioned are important.

And we mean REALLY important.


Studies have found that long-tail keywords generated an estimated 70% of search volume traffic.

If you want to maximize your organic search rankings, you need to get in on that action. Ranking high in keywords that have more than 3 words drives tons of organic traffic to your site.

WIN’s reports let you calculate the value your main keywords and long-tail keywords bring to your post by showing you how many search queries you can expect in total from your article.

Think of each keyword being capable of scoring points. Different keywords score a different amount of points.

BUT they can only score you points up to a limit. When they reach that limit, continuing to use them won’t add anything to your total score.

You can get the highest score possible only if you use a good mix of different keywords in your title, meta description, and content.

The beauty of using WIN’s SEO writing tool is that you get to accurately predict your total score before you publish. You’ll see not only the expected value of each keyword, but also the total value all of them bring to your content.

Basically, you can put out content that’s fully optimized from the start!

7. Generate final content from spinning syntax

If you have syntax content that you get from spinners, WIN will help generate the final content while helping you check all the necessary SEO metrics at the same time.

Basically, we can make a time-saving trick save even more time and money…

…Time and money you could be using to improve other aspects of your writing career!

8. Avoid spam trigger words with built-in checker

Having your emails flagged as spam is the kiss of death for your company’s email marketing efforts.

No matter how well you write your emails…

No matter how powerful your CTAs are…

And no matter how cleverly your campaign is incorporated into your site’s sales funnel…

All that work will be for nothing if your audience’s inbox thinks it’s spam.

Nobody ever reads spam, which means your campaign goes completely ignored.

And the hardest part about this is that inboxes automatically flag certain words and phrases as spam. Sometimes, completely legitimate emails become a victim of this.

Imagine: Something as innocent as your mom’s email about her last vacation…

…Could be flagged as spam just because she said, “You won’t believe this,” too many times.

And even if you’re excluding questionable phrases like “cheap Viagra” and “you’ve won thousands of dollars” from your emails, it might surprise you to learn that terms like “traffic,” “marketing solutions,” and “info you requested” can also be huge red flags for spam filters.

To help you prevent your emails from being flagged as spam, WIN’s tools highlight spam trigger words you used by accident in your email title and body content, so that you can remove them right away.

9. Get easy-to-understand visual reports for yourself and your clients

Most freelancers will tell you:

One of the most tedious parts of the job is just trying to get your clients to understand your work.

They’ll have certain expectations for the output. And sometimes those expectations don’t mesh with your expertise.

But because the data behind your work can be complicated, they might not understand why you did things a certain way.

You could be writing perfect copy, but they’ll ask you to change it.

It just becomes an endless cycle of you revising and then defending and then again revising your work, only to end up where you started.

To help you and your clients save time and communicate flawlessly, WIN helps you generate a PDF of your work which displays all your content with:

  • colorized keywords
  • detailed metrics of what you’ve optimized, and
  • easy-to-digest figures like keyword density

And now that you and your client have a solid factual base to work from, you can both agree on what the next step for the project is—without going back and forth on things forever.


WIN is here to help writers WIN more clients, and to help employers develop WINNING strategies with their copywriters.

If you think that there’s a feature that could help out writers or employers (or both!), let us know about it and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

All you need to do is submit your idea through a Support ticket under the “Feature Suggestions”” tab, and it’ll be reviewed by our team.

If your idea has enough demand from our users, and if it’s something within our capacity to create for you, you’ll find it included in our next site update!

PLUS if we end up using your idea, you’ll get an awesome thank-you gift: You can avail of any one of our paid services for FREE.

It’s our way of making sure that everybody wins when they work with WIN!


You can build your unique brand identity with a membership at WIN! With a design that tells your clients exactly who you are as a professional writer, you’ll score more contracts than ever! It’s totally FREE.

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For the low cost of just $9.7 per month – $29.1 per 3 months to support our talented designers and coders, you can request 1 fully customized design template per month. And to make the deal even sweeter, you can immediately get 3(!) full designs on your first month!

Get your personal writing brand going with a WIN membership, and start impressing even more clients!





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