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Like the old adage says, “You’ve got to spend money to make money.

It’s a pain every entrepreneur has to deal with.

All your hard-earned cash needs to get funneled back into your business so you can make it profitable.

There’s no escaping it: If you want a seat at the table with the big earners, you need to spend.

But if you spend your money in certain places—like bad backlinks—you stand to lose more money than you started out with.

Bad backlinks can actually lower your website’s Page Rank and your Trust Flow, among other metrics…

…Which lowers your rankings on search engines…

…Which lowers your organic traffic…

…Which lowers your site’s income.

And backlinks aren’t cheap! In fact, in 2016, Ahrefs found that the average backlink costs over $352.92.

That’s a lot of money for something that might potentially hurt your business.

In short:

Buying backlinks is a MAJOR risk!

Doing things, the other way, however, takes forever.

You can try to build connections with other sites and their owners and try to get backlinks organically, but they’re less likely to make any deals with you if your website authority isn’t strong enough.

It can take years to get your rank up to a place where bigger sites start to notice you, plus a few extra months to secure a backlink on their pages.

So while you’re spending all your time negotiating and making deals and sometimes even begging for backlinks…

Other sites are claiming that prime seat at the table.

Your seat.

So what if we told you that you could remove the risks in buying backlinks?

What if we could audit the quality of your backlinks based on 65 scientifically backed metrics for FREE?

You could save a LOT of money—and save your site’s rankings.

You could start winning at the backlinks game, without losing your hard-earned money.


WIN – WeINternetmarketers is the ultimate expert on distinguishing between genuine SEO services and SPAM. Our state-of-the-art tools and technology lay down all the metrics on the table so that you can make an informed decision and start building winning strategies.

As a part of the startup entrepreneur community ourselves, we believe it’s our duty to give others like us a leg-up in business, because when we all help each other, everybody gets a seat at the table.

We want to do our best to protect up-and-comers from falling prey to the catchy, fake advertising phrases that scammers use such as:

  • Related niches
  • No adult or gambling sites
  • No spun content
  • Unique IPs
  • Unique server
  • Unique CMS
  • …And so on

With our FREE services and tools, you can vet these URLs with expert speed and precision.


Detect Spammers with the WIN URL Checker!

This FREE tool allows you to inspect more than 1000 URLs without spending a single cent.

You’ll be able to conduct a comprehensive analysis of a URL from relevance to index and On-page to Off-page SEO.

Here’s the kind of high-quality data you can expect from our WIN URL checker:



We will analyze the indexing status of your backlink – whether it’s indexed or not.


Bad neighbor(s)

Ever heard of being guilty by association?

Backlinks associated with untrustworthy sites can make Google’s algorithm punish your own site’s ranking.

You’re basically getting whipped for someone else’s mistakes.

Input your keywords in our URL Checker, and we’ll diagnose if there are bad OBLs as well as bad anchor texts in your backlinks.


Content Relevance Diagnosis

Our WIN On-page SEO factors audit feature will detect any flaws in optimization your links might have.

Your main keywords need to be properly and sufficiently optimized in your backlinks. This convinces search engines that both your money site and backlinks contain related, high quality information.

But here’s the thing:

Search engines aren’t easily fooled when it comes to a page’s relevance. Google’s algorithm checks your backlink for information related to your web pages. If your page passes its analysis, Google will recognize your website as an authoritative voice in that niche.

And it your page fails this test, you miss out on a better ranking.

To maximize their value, high-quality backlinks have to be strategically placed in the main body content of your web page as opposed to the header, footer or sidebar. They also have to be surrounded by LSI keywords of similarly high value.

Let our WIN On-page SEO factors audit feature do the dirty work
of scanning your page for these qualities and more.

You’ll receive this data in an easy-to-digest report, too!

And this is just a taste of the kind of value our FREE tools can bring you. Read on to learn what else we can analyze for you, free of charge!


On-page SEO

Input your website URL or the top 10 URLs ranking on SERPs for your specific keywords, and here’s what our FREE tools can do for you:

  • Analyze the frequently used phrases in the top performing URLs and then compare that with your content to see what you missed
  • Highlight PROVEN, topic-relevant concepts and terms that are highly trusted by search engines
  • Provide a batch of semantically-tied phrases used by your competitors’ sites, so you can use them and boost your own site’s relevance to search engines

By getting a comprehensive analysis of your On-page SEO, you kill two birds with one stone.

You can avoid keyword stuffing – which will get you penalized by search engines…

…And you’ll learn which relevant keywords and phrases to deploy in your content so you can match up with your competitors in search results.

Whenever you create a new page, you can consult our rich data to know which key phrases to use to ensure your content is relevant.


Page – Onsite Content Similarity

Even the most sophisticated article spinner won’t spare you from Google’s penalties. Google Crawler’s laser-sharp SimHash algorithm has gotten much better at detecting duplicate content, and your rankings will be smashed if it thinks you’re copying from your own domain.

WIN’s team of experts employs the SimHash algorithm to showcase the list of pages displaying similar content on the same domain. We then calculate the similarity score of each duplicate URL on a scale of 0 to 10.

A score of 0 indicates total uniqueness, while a 10 means it’s just a matter of time before Google Crawler tracks you down and penalizes you for using duplicate pages.

If you really want to stay on the safe side on search engines, use our FREE tool to ensure that you aren’t accidentally hurting yourself with duplicate content.



You may have the best ideas in the world, but if no one understands you, it all goes to waste.

That’s why search engines also rank pages based on readability.

The easier it is to understand your content, the more useful it is to the reader—and Google will reward you for that.

WIN utilizes the Flesch-Kincaid readability test to accurately determine how easy your English-language website is to understand.

Then, based on our expert analysis, you can tweak your content to maximize your readability score.


Content Consistency

If you want to your site remain relevant in the long run, you need to practice content consistency.

WIN employs two metrics to check your content consistency:

  • Description to Content Consistency checks the consistency of the meta description tag with the page content
  • Title to Content Consistency indicates the consistency of the meta title tag with the content of the page

Scoring high on these metrics while producing regular content will allow your site to be recognized as both active and authoritative in your chosen niche.


All this, and we’re still not done sharing
what analyses we can do for


Here’s what else we can look into:

Internal & External Links

It’s important to know how many people are biting from the same backlink to avoid sharing that sweet link sugar with too many parties.

After all, too many hands in the cookie jar leaves everyone with just crumbs.

And backlinks work exactly the same way. Having too many outbound links weakens the benefits these links give out.

WIN checks the list of outbound links that are benefitting from the same URL that you are targeting so that you can tell if it’s being stretched too thin.

Based on our reports, you’ll be able to instantly tell which links will give you the most bang for your buck, and which ones are a waste of your money.

Onpage metrics include:

  • Main keywords
  • LSI keywords
  • URL
  • Backlinks to your pages
  • Backlink details
  • Bad keywords
  • Bad links
  • Page – Onsite content similarity
  • Index
  • Title
  • Description
  • Word count
  • Most used 2 words – count
  • Your url
  • Most used 3 words – count
  • Your url
  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword in description
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword in URL
  • LSI keywords
  • LSI Keywords in Title
  • LSI Keywords in Description
  • Keyword in image alt
  • Keyword in bold
  • Keyword in italic
  • Keyword in underline
  • Keyword in H1
  • Keyword in H2
  • Keyword in H3
  • Internal links
  • Internal links list
  • External links
  • External links list
  • Flesch Reading Ease Index
  • Description to content consistency
  • Title to content consistency
  • Page load
  • IP
  • CMS
  • Server
  • Valid SSL
  • Robots txt


In layman’s language, a backlink is simply any link from another site to your site.

If, however, this link comes from a low-ranking or spammy website, this can do more harm than good on your SEO.

This is why it’s best to source backlinks from top-ranking sites that have high authority backlink profiles with GOV backlinks, EDU backlinks, social signals, high DA PA TF CT… and so on.

We also check whether a domain has been used for different categories and niches by different users. That inconsistency might end up being a problem when using the domain for your unique niche, and reduce its authority.

Basically, Google won’t see you as a Banking expert if your domain was also used by Fashion experts and Cooking experts.

WIN will give you thorough details on your backlink’s domain authority profile, so you can avoid the confusion.

Authority metrics include:

  • Moz links
  • Moz PA
  • Moz DA
  • Moz rank
  • Moz trust
  • Moz spam
  • Social signals
  • Majestic links
  • Majestic ref domains
  • Majestic ref EDU
  • Majestic ref GOV
  • Majestic ref subnets
  • Majestic IPs
  • Majestic CF
  • Majestic TF
  • Majestic category


The most premium backlinks come from editorial mentions from high authority domains with a substantial organic traffic of at least 1000 per month.

They don’t come cheap, though.

This kind of organic link building will cost you a fat buck (more than $300 per link on average!).

Where your hard-earned dollars are involved, you want to be 100% sure about that investment.

You want accurate results.

WIN gives you the exact traffic sources of these domains in full detail.

A typical report of traffic sources, for a site with over 1,000 monthly visits will contain data like Rank, Audience, Country, Direct, Mail, Organic Search, Top Keywords, AD, Referring, Top Referring, Social and Top Socials. For example:


  • Global rank: 86
  • Country rank: 77, United States
  • Category rank: 2, Computers_Electronics_and_Technology/Consumer Electronics


  • Visits: 376,922,608
  • Time on site avg: 00:03:41
  • Page views avg: 3.4
  • Bounce rate: 54.09%


  • United States – 131,433,598 – 34.87%
  • China – 26,475,609- 7.02%
  • Japan – 20,729,020 – 5.5%
  • United Kingdom – 17,514,136 – 4.65%
  • Canada – 14,755,496 – 3.91%
  • Other – 166,034,408 – 44.05%


  • 121,299,663 – 32.18%


  • 5,309,772 – 1.41%


  • 188,026,938 – 49.88%

Top keywords

  • apple – 12,992,661 – 6.91%
  • iTunes – 10,924,365 – 5.81%
  • apple id – 3064839 – 1.63%
  • apple store – 2,839,206 – 1.51%
  • apple tv – 2,688,785 – 1.43


  • 9,604,907 – 2.55%

Top keywords

  • apple – 379,393 – 3.95%
  • apple store – 63,392 – 0.66%
  • iPhone – 45,143 – 0.47%
  • iPad – 42,261 – 0.44%
  • apple tv- 36,498 – 0.38%


  • 35,313,539 – 9.37%


  • – 3,826,926 – 10.84%
  • – 2,588,611 – 7.33%
  • – 1,665,879 – 4.72%
  • – 591,031 – 1.67%
  • – 553,479 – 1.57%


  • 15,837,639 – 4.2%


  • YouTube – 5,994,546 – 37.85%
  • Facebook – 2,798,510 – 17.67%
  • Twitter – 2,516,600 – 15.89%
  • Reddit – 1,770,648 – 11.18%
  • LinkedIn – 920,166 – 5.81%

So, just to recap:

Using WIN’s tools gives you insight about your backlinks on…

  • Indexing
  • Bad Neighbors
  • Content Relevance
  • On-Page SEO
  • Page – Onsite Content Similarity
  • Readability
  • Content Consistency
  • Internal and External Links
  • Authority
  • and Traffic

…Using a whopping 65 highly accurate metrics!

Start winning at the game of backlinks with WIN!


And remember what we said earlier about entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs?

WIN fully understands the struggles and pain points of start-up entrepreneurs,
especially when you’re trying to get a new website off the ground.
You have so much to do and too little to spend.

So let WIN put a little something in your basket to get you started!



We’re offering you a golden opportunity to check the index, bad neighbor and on-page relevance for up to 1,000 URLs ($10 value) absolutely FREE of charge!

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You can use these points to get detailed, easy-to-digest reports sent straight to your dashboard, for FREE.


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You’ll receive a mountain of valuable data, plus you’ll be able to use WIN premium services that help you maximize it all!

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