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Are you a blogger, writer, entrepreneur or IMer, who owns one or two websites, working tirelessly to create manual, valuable posts and high-quality backlinks all by yourself?

WIN has felt your struggle!

In our spirit of giving back to the community and supporting hardworking, budding superstars in writing, internet marketing and business, we are offering you FREE backlinks research where you can be able to analyze all the metrics and quality of your created backlinks.

If your backlinks aren’t indexed yet, simply submit your links to us and then check the FREE backlinks research tab on your WIN Account Dashboard after a few days to see if they have been indexed or not. We will thoroughly analyze all your backlinks to see which ones need indexing, and we’ll index them for you FREE of charge.

Although we can’t guarantee that every link you submit will get indexed, our current data shows us that at least 90% of all links from blog posts submitted on our platform get indexed within 1 week.

 And we don’t charge you a nickel for it!


How many backlinks per day are enough for your keywords to rank?

If you are doing manual, natural backlinking on your own, the process of increasing your ranking will be very gradual and so you need to be consistent and patient.

But this also begs the question – is there a limit to the amount of healthy, natural backlinks that you can create manually per day without hurting your website SEO?

Quite frankly, the answer is NO. There is no set limit to the number of natural backlinks that you can create per day. The only limit would be the number of backlinks you can handle without overstretching yourself. On average, most people can do about 30-40.

A maximum of 30-40 natural backlinks per day means you can create about 1,000 backlinks per month. And the good news is WIN indexes all these backlinks for you totally FREE. This can help your site rank for roughly 5-10 new keywords each month.

Why Are Your Backlinks Not Being Indexed Despite Your Hard Work?

We all work hard so we can play hard. But you don’t want spend all your time creating high-quality backlinks only to find out that they weren’t indexed at all. All that work, with no improvement on your page ranking?

That would be disheartening. A total waste of valuable time and energy.

That’s why you need to make sure that you work only with indexable, high quality backlinks that will reward your website with more search engine visibility and high traffic.

This is where WIN shows up as your Knight in Shining Armor!

Claim your FREE backlinks research & indexing now!

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on low value backlinks that end up hurting your website SEO, or working day and night to create high-quality backlinks only to find that they are not indexed, let WIN help you.

We have a highly-skilled team of WIN experts who go the extra mile each day to ensure that you have a FREE backlinks research report at your disposal. We conduct a deep analysis of all your backlinks to check all metrics like whether they come from high value domains, whether they have been indexed, whether they pose any threat to your SEO, whether they are relevant and more.

On top of this, we will offer you FREE BACKLINK INDEXING for all the natural backlinks that you are creating each month. Even if you create 30-40 natural backlinks each day and therefore 1,000 natural backlinks a month, WIN will INDEX ALL THOSE 1,000 BACKLINKS FREE of charge!


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