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To process your order, please use the filter below to find your best prospects with WIN’s advanced metrics. Just remember that we only display exact matches for ALL metrics, so the more metrics you use, the fewer results you’ll see.

Because the amount of data we’re processing is so huge, it may take roughly 1-2 minutes to get your results. Please take note of the amount of data we return for your prospective clients—if it’s larger than what your package provides, we will extract random lines of data to fit your package.

This system is completely automated, so we cannot guarantee that businesses will have data on every metric. The data we pull is dependent on the data available; some businesses, for example, may not have social accounts, leaving those columns blank in our results. We do, however, guarantee that each line of data will contain the respective business’ email and website information.

Should you purchase the same package again with the same details and filters, let us know and we’ll extract the unique new lines.

To continue processing your order, please follow this procedure:
  • Export your filter options
  • Open a Support Ticket under the “Order Processing” tab with your Transaction ID as the subject.
  • Enter the services you paid for in the body of the ticket, and attach the filter options file you exported. You can also include any additional requests you might have for this service in the body.

If you need more data than what your package provides, you can purchase extra packages using the form below! Enter the type and amount of packages you want to purchase in the Description box, and then enter the total cost of the packages in the Custom Payment box. Extra packages have the same price per package as your original order.

When you’re done filling up the form, click the PayPal button to continue with payment. We’ll process your extra orders as soon as we receive payment.


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